1963 Wabaunsee County Farm Directory

For more than a half-century, rural directory companies in Kansas have produced county plat maps in a booklet form that feature all of the Townships of a particular county, while identifying all of the rural residences.  The directories have proved useful to historians who are researching ownership of particular properties, as well as individuals who are researching family histories. Rural directories have long been prized by rural delivery drivers who provided service to the rural Flint Hills.


This 1963 Wabaunsee County Farm Directory was produced by Kansas Directory Service of Russell, Kansas.  In addition to the Township maps, there is a combined county map in the centerfold of the 32-page booklet, and the publication lists all of the county’s rural households.

One can click on any of the thumbnails below to view an individual page of the directory.  The scans include views of the inside and outside of the front and back covers.

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