The Photography of Charles Herman

Charles L. Herman was born in 1922 in Alma, Kansas, the son of Alma shoemaker, Fred Herrmann and his wife Mary Schubert Herrmann. Charles graduated from Alma High School and was a longtime resident of Alma. Charles married Charlotte Finley in 1963, and the couple was married for thirty years before her passing in 1993. He later married Carol Herrmann.


This Charles Herman photo of the Holy Family Catholic Church, St John Lutheran Church and St. John Lutheran School in Alma features Herman’s trademark blue skies and puffy white clouds.

Charles worked many years for the U. S. Soil Conservation Service as a Technician, and his job allowed him to travel the countryside in Wabaunsee County, meeting with landowners. His travel at work also allowed Charles to pursue an avid hobby, photography. From the 1950s through the 1990s, Charles photographed Wabaunsee County as he worked and in his spare time. He had a great eye for composition and Herman photographed exclusively with color slide film in a 35-millimeter camera.


Gorden Bute operated a French restaurant in the Alma Hotel when this photo was taken by Charles Herman in the 1970s.

Charles lived in a small house located at 222 W. 1st Street in Alma, in a house that had belonged to his parents and earlier, his maternal grandparents. He was a lifelong member of the Holy Family Church in Alma, and his house was located next door to the west to the church.


Charles Herman photographed this view of the Clements Bridge in Chase County. At one time, there were literally hundreds of stone arched bridges in Wabaunsee County.

Charles Herman passed away on December 19, 2010 at the age of 88.

Charles Herman’s photos captured Alma, Wabaunsee County, and Kansas in vivid color, and his photos are a window into Herman’s life and times. Click on any photo below to view Charles Herman’s photos in a gallery format and as a full-screen image.

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  1. The bridge that you have pictured is the stone arch bridge near Clements,KS. My wife, Sylvia (Gaddie) Brethour’s great grandfather worked on the construction of the bridge. His name was Andrea Crawford. The bridge is still in use.


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