Eskridge Alumni Association Digitizes Eskridge High School Class Photos


Class of 1909

The Eskridge High School Alumni Association recently contracted with Flint Hills photo historian, Greg Hoots to digitize forty-six graduating class pictures that once adorned the walls of Eskridge High School in Eskridge, Kansas.  The photos were lost for a period of time when USD 330 disposed of their elementary and old high school buildings.  The Alumni Association recovered forty-six of the photographs and wanted to preserve and digitize the photos, while making the  images available to the public.

The size of the mounted class photos posed special difficulties in scanning as they all exceeded the size of the scanner, requiring them to be scanned in multiple pieces and then stitched digitally to create an exact duplicate image of the originals.   Hoots contracted with designer and photographer, Tom Parish to complete the digital “stitching” of the images.  Reproducing the forty-six images required  Hoots to make a total of 337 high-resolution full-screen scans of the photographs which Parish then stitched into exact reproductions of the original class photos. Many of the images required eight or twelve scans to reproduce. The original photographs were placed in acid-free Mylar sleeves and stored in an acid-free photo storage box.

If you would like to have a fine-art quality reproduction of any of these class photos, you may contact Tom Parish who makes custom prints of any of the images at any size.  You may specify the exact size that you would like your print to be.  Contact Parish at for pricing inquiries.

Click on any image below to view the collection in a gallery format or a full-screen view.


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  1. I have a 1929 Eskridge Rural HS yearbook that is i excellent condition. It belonged to my father. I think it is important to preserve history rather than pass the book along. If you are interested in having it, I will be glad to donate it.


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