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Photo Friday: Video, Halloween Parade, Eskridge, Kansas

This is a short 8-millimeter video of the Halloween parade in Eskridge, Kansas taken in the very early 1950s.  It’s a great little video of an iconic parade in small town America.  You will notice a few changes in the streetscape of Eskridge. The video cameraperson was positioned in front of the Waugh Building, 123 Main Street in Eskridge, looking at the east side of the street.

Notice that the Sinclair Oil station was located at 122 Main where the Eskridge Post Office sits today.  The south end of the Dunn Home Supply building was a garage, and notice the large window located above Dunn’s front door.  To the north of Dunn’s one sees an extremely rare view of Rissler’s Dodge and Plymouth dealership.

There is a little ten second or so portion of the video about a minute and a half into the film which is blank.  That’s where the person operating the camera had to reload the film in the camera.  8-millimeter film was actually 16-millimeter film that was split down the middle and spliced in the processing stage to create the 8-millimeter format. This required the operator to open the camera, flip the film cartridge 180-degrees and replace it in the camera to continue filming.

Today’s video comes to us courtesy Bruce Waugh.


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